Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas wishes to you of Fun and Relaxation,

Love, Peace and Joy.

The Gentlehealing office will be closed until the 3rd January.

Brightest of wishes mean time….






From my heart to yours ~



Being in Nature….what a gift.

I have been enjoying spending more time in the garden lately. Planting….roses and lavender…I feel such joy smelling the earth, and being a part of something that feels like magic!  I find myself cherishing the plants, more and more. Peeking out my window to see if they have grown any, appreciating their beauty. I am so happy I followed an inner nudge to create in my garden more.  Being in nature, like being with animals, truly uplifts my heart and soul.

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silent space


Christmas blessings and gift for you!

Hello and Merry Christmas!

I would like to extend my warmest wishes and blessings to you for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  I have created an angel meditation for you to enjoy over the holiday season; to take time to rest and renew.  Here is the link:

With much love, Amy x

Ps. The gentlehealing office will be closed from 24th Dec-2nd January.


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